Auf Wiedersehen KIRCHENFEST

By September 1, 2015Kirchenfest News

Dear Parishioners,
I have never seen anything like it!!! What a remarkable outpouring of volunteerism,
using of personal gifts, sacrificial giving, unmatched hospitality and just good
ole fashioned fun!!! I cannot count the number of times I heard over the
course of the week, “It’s hard work, but it’s fun!” To every parishioner who
donated items, time, talent, energy, money and prayer; I say thank you!
What a blessing it was for me to be out on the grounds each night of set-up. I
was an eyewitness to a miracle happening each night as I saw workers coming
from every direction to lend a hand and a power screwdriver.
Ingenuity at its best! The infrastructure is set to go and improvements have
been made every year – over 45 years of Kirchenfests. And, how in the world
does a whole city block of awnings, benches, tables, stages, dance floors,
food and beverage equipment, trash and recycling barrels, electrical wiring
and lights, gaming equipment, etc., etc., etc. come out of one shed??? Just
Kudos to the chairpersons – Brad, Blake, Jan and Braden and certainly to
their spouses and families. To the mainstays over the years (and you know
who you are) who, year to year, provide the tread that keeps it all together.
To all stand chairpersons – thanks, especially to the superior team who
worked literally for weeks to stage the best parish mega flea market I have
ever seen.
To the non-St. Paul people who helped – Thank you! The city of Highland
workers, the city police, the scouts – the list goes on and on. Thanks to the
parish and school staff; particularly the St. Paul Maintenance Staff. Thanks
also to our neighbors around the perimeter of the parish grounds, for putting
up with the noise, the debris, vehicle and foot traffic. To thank anyone individually,
other than the chairpersons, would be a mistake. I would certainly miss someone.
The most frequently asked question of the Kirchenfest weekend was,
“Father, what do you think?” How could I possibly answer without an hour
dissertation? What I can say is, YOU HAVE MADE ME PROUD TO BE A PART
OF ST. PAUL PARISH!!! And if pride in this context is sinful; I own it! I give
God praise and thanks for giving success to the work of our hands. You all
didn’t do this for me or for anyone else but God. Thank you for being intentional
in your discipleship and demonstrating what it means to be a Christian.
And now, guess what??? – the preparation has already begun for Kirchenfest
2016. Yep, it’s just around the corner. Can you smell it in the air? Well,
hopefully not yet. Let’s take a little breather.
Thanks to one and all. St. Paul parish is definitely “ON THE MAP!”
God bless you, Fr. Pat

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